The 2023 The Woodlands '10 for Texas'

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Date: October 7th (Saturday) 2023

The event consists of participants running 10 miles of roadway within The Woodlands, which starts at 7:35AM and 7:40AM (Wheelers and Runners respectively). 

This event raises funds which are poured back into programmes that encourage and support activities in our area.

      10 for Texas


Our Assignment

The primary job is to monitor participants and report any needs arising so that assistance is available on-location as soon as possible.

The secondary job is to provide updates as to the location of the lead per gender runners, and, the location of the last participant.


Times To Know

5:30AM (optional, but enjoyable) is the time to gather at Denny's to mix, mingle, dine, get your free Tee-Shirt, check/get help with your radio if needed.

7:00AM is when you should be on-station at your assigned location on the course, ready for the ~7:30AM event start.

Operators will be released progressively as the last participant makes their way past each station.

Upon release, you are free to go to the Market Street parking lot and get some free food and liquid refreshment.

The race course this year has become an 'out and back' course, which simplifies and you might think, reduces the number of people needed to support it.  However, most parts of the course are separated by a median strip that is sufficiently dense in trees that visibility of the other side of the road is blocked, and, due to the winding nature of the road, visibility is not great.

This is the 2021 course.  Note: The numbers shown in the map below are MILE MARKERS.



Types of Assignment 

Our primary assignment overall is to help ensure participants receive aid as quickly as possible, and, to that end, the Course Monitor assignment makes you the 'eyes and ears' of our involvement by being on the course, watching the participants.  However, there are other roles too, so, check as many as are applicable / of interest to you, and you stand the chance that you will be asked to do something other than Course Monitor.

  • Course Monitor - from a fixed location, watch out for participants on the course needing help.

  • Net Control - be at Net Control, helping with the 'behind the scenes' aspects of the event.

  • Equipment Configuration Assistant - be present at the pre-event gathering to help others with transceiver configuration. 


To Work This Event

For those without their own equipment

If you do not have your own equipment, but would like to help, please do register.  We have a couple of options available.  We have a number of operators with extra equipment that are happy to loan you some equipment to use for the event.  We also have the option of pairing you up with an operator that not only has equipment, but has worked these events in the past.  Being paired up is a great way to ease into working these events.


Equipment Requirements

A 2m or 70cm hand held transceiver is expected to do the job nicely.  Please make sure you indicate accurately when you register as to what equipment you have available to use (using checkboxes), so that when making assignments, I can assign appropriately. 

Course Monitor assignments

Some locations are one-way, others are two-way (in terms of competitors).  Some are road-side assignments, others are pathways a distance from roads.


Registration Process

To register, supply the requested information into the registration panel on the right side of the web page (and click 'register').

Afterwards, an email will be sent to you from, with a sender name of 'WEC 10 for Texas', and the subject will start with '2022 The Woodlands 10 for Texas'.  Please ensure these emails are not filtered or treated as junk, and please read them, and respond accordingly.

The first email sent to you is particularly important.  The purpose is to verify your email address.  It will ask you to send an email reply.  Please do, including in the response all of the text that was sent to you.  The email will contain a unique code, and receipt of your reply email will enable the system to complete your registration, and send you any other emails that are waiting to be sent, or in future need to be sent to you.

I strive to send as few emails using this mechanism as possible, but, the system will not send you anything other than the first email until you have confirmed that the email address is working, so please do be sure to respond with a reply email.

Thank you very much for helping.

Peter KE5STL


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