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Date: April 22nd, 2023 (Saturday)

The ironman event is the full-sized event, with a 112 Mile bike course that takes competitors on some of the local roadways, and uses the Hardy Tollway heading south to form a huge 2 loop section of potentially very fast course.

Our Assignment

This year, we are providing communicators at fixed locations on the bike course, as well as assisting with additional capacity for transportation of competitors and bikes from the Hardy Tollway after the cut-off at the south end of the bike course happens (approximately 3:30pm).

Course monitor assignments can mean Aid Station assignments or 'in-between' locations. 

Aid Station duty means being assigned to a particular location, where you will provide reports regarding those waiting for transport, and anything else that comes up.

'in-between' stations primarily observe competitors and report any medical or SAG related needs.



Currently it's unknown exactly whether HT will be usable with good reliability, but, it's sure to be said that a mobile setup will work fine.

If you have APRS capability, it will be most welcome, and even advantageous, so that your whereabouts can be monitored.


Anticipated On-Station Time and Duration

Our involvement will start from around 8AM at fixed location assignments, which will be progressively released, some of whom may then also help with the clearing of the Hardy Tollway at/around 3:30pm at the bottom of the bike course, to get competitors and bikes clear of the Hardy Tollway in as efficient a manner as possible, so that the Hardy Tollway can be reopened for normal vehicular use.

This map is indicative of the bike course for this event.

Click to see it in more detail.


How to Register

If you would like to help with this event, please register in the pane on the right, by suppying the indicated information, and clicking the 'register' button at the bottom.

Note: You will be sent an initial email, to which a reply is needed before you will be sent further email.  This is done to verify the email address is working, as email will be used for most pre-event communication of details.  Please check your spam folder if you do not see an email within 30 minutes of clicking the register button.


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