The 2023 Woodforest Bank Triathlon in The Woodlands

note: Known previously as the CB&I Triathlon

This will be the 10th running of this event in The Woodlands, on Saturday May 6th, 2023, starting / finishing at Northshore Park, the bicycle portion of the event covering 15 miles of The Woodlands roadways, which we are asked to provide continuous eyes-on-the-course coverage of for any medical or other assistance needs.

This is a great opportunity for us to assist, have some visibility, and course, an excellent way for us to exercise and develop our operating capabilities.

Many operators have supported this in the past, with great success, and we are always improving how we accomplish the goals, while looking to extend the usefulness of this opportunity in terms of meeting with other operators.

Here is a map of the bike course.  The course is approximately 12.8 Miles long.



Our Role In Support Of This Event

Our role is to keep a vigilant eye out for any competitor that may need medical or other assistance while competing in the event.

This is a 'sprint' class event, and during the bike stage, people move along at a fairly good speed, and sometimes have issues as a result - which is what we're there to observe and report.

It will be an early start, so plan on being available from at latest, 6:30am on-station, but, also, it will be a fairly early release as well, so all in all, it's a great event to support. 

My experience has been that it's not unusual for participants to shout out a 'thank you' as they make their way around the course - in appreciation of our being there to help ensure it's as safe as possible.



Types of Assignment 

Our primary assignment overall is to help ensure participants receive aid as quickly as possible, and, to that end, the Course Monitor assignment makes you the 'eyes and ears' of our involvement by being on the course, watching the participants.  However, there are other roles too, so, check as many as are applicable / of interest to you, and you stand the chance that you will be asked to do something other than Course Monitor.

  • Course Monitor - from a fixed location, watch out for participants on the course

  • Net Control - be at Net Control, helping with the 'behind the scenes' aspects of the event.

  • Equipment Configuration Assistant - be present at the pre-event gathering to help others with transceiver configuration. 

  • Station Marker Placement - help with getting the station location markers onto the course, which helps Course Monitors know they're at the intended location. 


To Work This Event

To work this event, expect to have:

  • availability on May 6th 2023 (Saturday)
  • A 2m and/or 70cm transceiver (hand-held is fine) **
  • a current FCC issued Amateur Radio license
  • a lime yellow safety vest (if you are to be a course monitor)

** Notes:

a) if you are licensed, but do not have a transceiver, please register but indicate that you don't have a transceiver.  We may be able to organize a loaner for you to use for the duration of the event

b) basic lime yellow safety vests can cost-effectively be purchased from most home improvement retailers.


Please register to support this event if you are available to assist.

All the Best,

Peter Belbin KE5STL


Volunteer Registration