"10 for Texas"
Saturday, 7th October 2023

The Woodlands "10 for Texas" is a 10 mile foot race event.  Because of it's relatively short length, this is a great event to participate in, but particularly for new-to-the-hobby / new-to-events radio operator, as it's not a huge time committment, and is typically completely wrapped up by noon, with many people being released well ahead of that time.  For those that are new to this type of event, there's also the opportunity to be paired with another operator, if desired, so you'll have a great introduction to how events such as this are supported, and will help prepare you to be self sufficient for future events.

  Here is the official map for the event:

Amateur Radio operators assist with this event by being stationed at assigned locations on the course, typically 'between' law enforcement officers, with the aim being to provide continuous eyeball observation of competitors on the course, and of course, if anything untoward is observed, raise awareness of the issue so that assistance can be provided.

Being an 'out and back' (ie: same road used for outbound and inbound competitors) on Lake Woodlands, and a one-way track east of Northshore Park (mostly on pathways), we're looking to place radio operators on Lake Woodlands, mostly on the median strip, so that both west-bound (out) and east-bound (back) competitors can be observed from the same assignment, while those on the pathways, (east of Northshore Park) will typically be watching for competitors travelling only in one direction past your station.

In order to assist with this event, minimally, you need to be a licensed amateur radio operator, and be available and willing to assist.

Ideally (but possibly not required) you will also have your own 2 meter and/or 70 centimeter radio (typically a dual-band transceiver).  The entire course can be worked with a handheld transceiver, and this will allow you the flexibility you'll need to monitor traffic in both directions easily.

If you only have a vehicle-mounted transceiver, you may still be able to help, by way of being assigned a station that has enough room to accommodate being able to make reports regarding competitors.

We typically have a pre-event gathering at a nearby Wendy's which allows operators a chance to mix and mingle, which is rather popular for most volunteers.

If this sounds like something you would be willing to help with, please complete the registration form (follow the link below), and watch for an email asking for a reply to be sent, to complete the sign-up process.

Updates will be sent via that email address, so it's important that you provide an email address that you actually monitor!

The event is organized by The Woodlands township parks & recreations department, so this really is a great event to support.  Funds raised by entry fees are poured back into supporting local organizations that support assisting residents in various ways.