The Woodlands Triathlon

Saturday, May 11th, 2024

The Woodlands Triathlon is an event hosted by The Woodlands Township.  It's what I'd describe as a 'sprint' triathlon, great for people not wanting a huge commitment it takes to prepare for the likes of the Ironman.

The amateur radio community support the 'bike' portion of this swim-bike-run event by observing competitors over portions of the course, as much as possible, so that if a competitor has a need for assistance, awareness of the need and a fast-as-possible response is made.

Maps for this event are not available as yet, but once they are, they'll be available here and on the event website.

For this event, the minimum is that of a hand held dual band radio, as the entire course is within The Woodlands.

On the day of the event, we typically meet at a local food establishment early in the morning, which provides a great opportunity for socializing before taking up our assignments on the course.

Our involvement usually is not too long - being a sprint event, and we're observing the 'bike' portion of the event, we're typically done by 11am, with progressive releasing of radio operators as the last competitor makes their way around the course.