The Woodlands Marathon
2nd of March 2024

The Woodlands Marathon consists of a full and half marathon running event entirely within The Woodlands, and is an event that competitors, if they do well, qualify to compete in other national entry-restricted events such as the Boston marathon, so it's not unusual to see a field of competitors from near and far hoping to do well in this event.  

Map of The Woodlands Marathon

How Amateur Radio Operators support the marathon:

Our day typically starts off well before the start of the event at a local food establishment where amateur radio operators can meet, mingle, get some food if one wishes before heading out to support the event.

Radio operators will be released progressively as the last competitor makes their way around the course (if you have a fixed-location assignment).  SAG crew should expect to stay active until almost all competitors have made their way back, but even then, it's expected that this would be around the 2PM timeframe.

What Amateur Radio Operators need in order to support this event varies according to the role.

Most people at fixed locations will be able to do well with a hand-held dual band (vhf & uhf) transceiver.

Between the two radio operators that are typically assigned to work together on a SAG vehicle assignment, a mobile (ie: temporary install) radio & mag-mount antenna are needed.  Some loaner equipment *may* be available to assist if needed, and there's a good chance the other person you're working with may have equipment too, so don't let lack of a full radio setup prevent you from volunteering for SAG crew assignments.

Email is the primary method of sharing details such as assignments and documentation, so please, register with an email and phone number that you actually check & use!