The Woodlands Triathlon
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Here is the latest information for The Woodlands Triathlon

What: The Woodlands Triathlon

Where: The Woodlands, Texas

When: Saturday, 11th of May, 


From: ~5:30AM at Denny's before the start for an optional pre-event socializing opportunity.  This is also where you'll get your tee-shirt.

On-station time: 6:45AM.

The event starts with the swim at 7AM, if all goes well.

Because this is a *sprint* triathlon, the swim is relatively/very short, and the first competitor is expected to be out of the water in very short order, so we need to be on-station by 6:45AM at the latest.

The competitors will not be allowed to start the run after 10:15AM, so by that time, the competitors should either all be done with the Bike course, or, being offered transportation back, as the event is done with the bike course, and they'll be wanting to reopen the roads to normal use.

We are monitoring the competitors on the BIKE COURSE ONLY.

### Newest added information ###

*** Assignments & Documents ***

Have not got either of these ready yet, but, I will soon!

I'll send out another update email when the documents are ready.

I'm holding off doing assignments so that some additional people can get signed up.

*** Weather outlook ***

The weather, even though we're having a rough time these last few days, is predicted to settle down by the 11th, and the weather people are currently predicting some 'overcast' conditions, with a 24% chance of rain.  That's still somewhat above 'not likely', so, I'd be thinking to prepare for *some* rain.

This event, we're all basically static assignments, with *some* being able to work pretty much right from the vehicle, while others might need to go a distance to be 'on station'.

So, please prepare for that possibility, and it raining.

Temperature range is expected to be from 68F in the moring to a high of around 81F, which seems quite nice.  But, if you're standing in shade the entire time, it's probably going to feel a bit chilly, as there is a 9MPH breeze expected, so I'd plan to have some layers of clothes available to use (or not) as needed.

*** Check your equipment ***

Yep, now is a great time to check that your equipment is good.

For those wanting to know (since documents are not available just yet), we will be using the conroe 147.020 (+ offset) 136.5hz tone repeater, as well as the 444.100 (+offset) 136.5hz tone repeater.

Of course, if you're far away, you might not be able to reach them, but at least you know what to configure to use.

### Still current, provided earlier information ###

*** Plenty of assignments needing to be occupied ***

Yep, for this event, there are *lots* of places we can put people to monitor the progress of competitors.

So, please do spread/share the word about the need for more volunteers if you have the opportunity to do that.

Do it quickly though, because time is short!

That's it for this update.

Many thanks to all that are part of the team for this event.

If you have questions, please do email me at


Peter KE5STL